• India’s Fusion Dance

    Nandita reports from a recent visit to one of the largest big science experiments of the world: ITER. She writes about India’s participation in this project.

    August 7th 2019

  • Notes and memories from the Sundarban Delta

    To mark July 26 as International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems an interdisciplinary researcher shares her heart-wrenching story from the Sundarbans.

    July 30th 2019

  • How teaching an ‘open course’ can open doors

    Finishing a PhD is fulfilling, but also a tense time because of the uncertainties of the future. This young ecologist found her footing thanks to an opportunity to teach an ‘open course’ at a new university.

    July 23rd 2019

  • Backstage secrets from the fabrication lab

    Research scientist Saakshi Dhanekar opens up about working in the male-dominated world of sensors, and juggling research and other responsibilities.

    July 16th 2019

  • How happy is the scientific workforce in India?

    Moved by a growing sense of unrest within the academic workforce, and a simultaneous explosion of articles discussing stress in academia in the western world, researcher Laasya Samhita investigates the scenario in India.

    July 9th 2019

  • The many-eyed eight-legged beauties of India’s rainforests

    Spurred on by a Twitter challenge, this ecologist-educator lists her favourite and little-known spiders in the rainforests of India’s Western Ghats. Enjoy this photo-listicle!

    July 3rd 2019

  • The case of the unpaid internship

    Shruti Muralidhar pens down the case for paying all interns – in academia and elsewhere.

    June 25th 2019

  • The hunt for superflares from the Sun

    For years, astronomers wondered whether the Sun is a special star – a star sans superflares. All that changed earlier this year, thanks to a meteorite called Efremovka and some neat detective work from a group of scientists including Kuljeet Kaur Marhas from PRL, Ahmedabad.

    June 18th 2019

  • Manidipa tells us how things go viral

    Manidipa talks to us about teaching students to appreciate unpredictability in research, evaluation of scientific progress, and the fortune of having a spouse in the same field.

    June 10th 2019

  • Harini and Seema, on the value of being optimistic ecologists

    Harini and Seema talk to us about their experiences while writing their latest book.

    June 3rd 2019