• New foods, new ideas: Adventures in food technology

    A food technologist talks of her experiences being part of the exciting start-up environment

    February 24th 2018

  • The Other Side of the Mech Lab

    There is much more to mechanical engineering than the smell and noise of machine. It’s high time we moved away from the sweat-and-grease loving, machine worshipping trope, says Ronak Gupta, a PhD scholar.

    February 19th 2018

  • Rekha’s Mission to Improve Forest Management

    Senior most faculty at IIFM, Bhopal shares current interests, her journey so far and how Indian families could be stifling scientific thinking in girls

    February 10th 2018

  • Labhoppers need your help AGAIN

    Launching our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our upcoming books

    January 29th 2018

  • Contribute to TLoS by filling this questionnaire!

    We are now working on two books that will document our lab-hopping journey. As a person in the science community in India, your experiences are important for us to get closer to a complete picture. If you are a researcher or student working in India, please participate by filling in this questionnaire!

    January 28th 2018

  • While your Brain Searches, Koel Watches

    An electrical engineer-turned cognitive neuroscientist talks about how the brain ‘sees’ and ‘finds’.

    January 27th 2018

  • Strength in unexpected places

    Chandrima’s work takes her to remote and isolated locations in the country, and it is in these unlikeliest of places she discovered warmth and support.

    January 21st 2018

  • Kaneenika Navigates New India with Number Theories

    A young mathematician speaks her mind about her love affair with numbers, blogging and sexism in academia.

    January 18th 2018

  • When being a woman is an advantage

    Ovee Thorat, a Ph.D. student at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, speaks about her experience of interacting with conservative pastrolist communities in Banni Grasslands, Gujarat.

    January 14th 2018

  • Poonam Powers Through Solid Mechanics

    A mechanical engineer doing research in IIT Guwahati talks piezoelectricity and busts some myths about mechanical engineering

    January 11th 2018