mental health

  • Café Mythbusting: The neuroscience of mental health disorders

    At a café in Kolkata, a gang of PhD dropouts talks about the neuroscience of mental health with their psychiatrist-friend.

    October 28th 2019

  • Living to tell the tale: I quit my PhD as a survival tactic

    The heady excitement of being admitted into a premier research institution built this PhD student for the best few months of her life. But somewhere along the way, things went downhill. Less than two years later, she decided to quit her PhD to give herself a new lease on life.

    October 22nd 2019

  • How one research institute is building a culture where #ItsOkayToTalk

    When a student turned up at the office requesting to see a counsellor, communicator Siuli Mitra and her colleague were baffled. They didn’t know if they had one and if yes, who it was. That experience set the wheels of change rolling for mental health support at this research institute in Faridabad.

    October 15th 2019

  • “I can’t be depressed, I am Dalit.”

    Academia is obsessed with marketing mental health as a science, without bothering to locate it as something that could be produced by social realities. And in India, is there any other social reality that is bigger than the reality of caste?

    October 10th 2019

  • Explainer: Mental Health Issues Faced by LTQ Women of Science

    Everyone in India faces social stigma when it comes to mental health issues. However, women face a lot more of it due to patriarchal norms, social conditioning, and misogyny built into in the system. Lesbian, trans, and queer women specifically may have to deal with oppression arising from genderism, heteronormativity, and transphobia. Let’s look at […]

    October 5th 2019

  • Being a Lesbian Trans Woman of Science in India

    “Post and during the transition, I have definitely faced much discrimination and bigotry in the academic world,” says A. Mani, a mathematician

    October 3rd 2019

  • STEMming the tide of mental health crises

    Two neuroscientists and a sociologist reflect on mental health experiences of people in science. What is it about the environment in STEM labs that might increase the risk for anxiety and depression?

    October 2nd 2019

  • How happy is the scientific workforce in India?

    Moved by a growing sense of unrest within the academic workforce, and a simultaneous explosion of articles discussing stress in academia in the western world, researcher Laasya Samhita investigates the scenario in India.

    July 9th 2019

  • Madhumitha’s quest to understand why Indians attempt suicide

    How would science go about answering why some of us find an urge to end our own lives? Madhumita Balaji, Clinical Psychologist has some answers.

    May 10th 2018