indian women in science

  • SWATI portal: 20 questions and a bit more

    The new portal SWATI “endeavours to have data of all women scientists of the country included”. Here’s what you need to know before signing up.

    March 8th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part III

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’, meet voices from the caste and gender margins who are working to make the Indian science ecosystem a more welcoming space for Dalit and transgender persons.

    February 20th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part II

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of what it means to advocate for women in science in India. This story traverses efforts towards ensuring equitable representation of women in conferences and publications.

    February 15th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part I

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of the (at least) two-decade-old movement for equity in Indian science. Here’s how women and trans persons in science started (and continue to) shake things from within.

    February 11th 2024

  • Documentary writes three ‘forgotten’ Indian scientists back into history

    A newly released documentary delves into the life and contributions of Shambhu Nath De, Sipra Guha-Mukherjee and Obaid Siddiqi. We caught up with the director and producer to hear what went on behind the camera.

    May 10th 2022

  • "talk to the experts" by Mai Le is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Indian news media has a representation problem—Let’s do something about this!

    Journalists can either continue to blame historical injustices and persist with their old habits, or they can actively start diversifying their reports. A new crowdsourced list aims to accelerate change.

    June 29th 2021

  • They Decided To Debate Women’s Leadership Skills. Then It Got Worse.

    A recent debate reveals misogyny, casteism and queer-trans-phobia in Indian science academia.

    January 2nd 2021

  • Sudipta’s evolution from ‘stone-carrying girl’ to top geologist

    Sudipta Sengupta is by no means a ‘hidden figure’ in Indian science, but she is probably one of the few star scientists left who worked in a state university. In this report, she opens up about the big shifts in the world of geology and in her own life.

    November 17th 2020

  • COVID-19 is exacerbating the gender gap in science

    “The problem is the hit that you take today is going to have consequences for a long time to come.” This, and much more insight from a live discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on women in science in India

    October 6th 2020

  • Keeping time with Poonam. S5. Ep2 Podcast

    Talking about all things atomic clocks and time keeping with Poonam Arora, a hidden figure in Indian Physics and maker of India’s first caesium fountain atomic clock.

    September 3rd 2020