• Following Gooseberries with Soumya

    An illustrated account of an ecologist’s life

    January 31st 2017

  • The Himalayan Adventures of Orus Ilyas

    A wildlife biologist at Aligarh Muslim University at Aligarh

    December 1st 2016

  • Smitha and her Indomitable Ferns

    An illustrated account of a pteridologist’s work

    November 21st 2016

  • Following Gooseberries with Soumya

    WHO? Soumya Prasad, 38 years WHERE? Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi WHAT? Forest Ecologist Reported by Aashima Dogra A volcano erupts in the ocean; an island is formed. A coconut floats from miles away. A fruit bat travels far and takes a solitary poop. The first seeds have arrived! “Bats are invariably the first ones to […]

    July 15th 2016

  • Elizabeth and her Eight-legged Friends

    Elizabeth has travelled all over the country in her search for the seven species of Cyrtophora spiders found in India. The young taxonomist talks about her journey here.

    March 28th 2016