• Big mammals feature

    Small steps towards understanding big mammals

    Misty mornings, friendly assistants and sparring elephants…two field biologists offer a peek into their lives as field biologists studying elephant behaviour.

    October 29th 2021

  • Salamanders, crickets and zebrafish: Bittu’s journey in science (and gender)

    An evolutionary neuroscientist and a transman, Bittu R. takes us through his journey in science and the experience of being an activist and a scientist at the same time.

    July 31st 2020

  • Lying on the forest floor, looking for orchids

    On World Environment Day 2020, conservation ecologist Jis Sebastian reminisces about her time in the Western Ghats, studying the fantastically diverse orchids and what climate change has in store for them.

    June 5th 2020

  • Introducing #WIISER by IISER Kolkata

    IISER Kolkata has taken a step towards recognition and correction of the gender imbalance that exists within its own walls. A new scicomm effort showcases the women scientists of the institute. Arunita Banerjee, the coordinator of this series, tells us more.

    May 20th 2020

  • How teaching an ‘open course’ can open doors

    Finishing a PhD is fulfilling, but also a tense time because of the uncertainties of the future. This young ecologist found her footing thanks to an opportunity to teach an ‘open course’ at a new university.

    July 23rd 2019

  • The many-eyed eight-legged beauties of India’s rainforests

    Spurred on by a Twitter challenge, this ecologist-educator lists her favourite and little-known spiders in the rainforests of India’s Western Ghats. Enjoy this photo-listicle!

    July 3rd 2019

  • Two Herpetologists Tell Us Why We Need A Week for Turtles

    No major lab, institute or organisation in India currently works dedicatedly on freshwater turtle and tortoise research, so these two independent turtle biologists started a one-of-a-kind citizen science project to fill this lacuna and share their love for these animals.

    May 27th 2019

  • Farah Gives Us a Bird’s Eye View

    A avian disease researcher decides to crack the puzzle of malaria in birds.

    May 24th 2018

  • On the tiger trail with Uma

    A molecular ecologist’s journey into the wild

    March 16th 2018

  • Getting your period while on the field

    Came across this great video on thebrainscoop YouTube page on tips to handle menstruation while on the field. While this is great, we definitely need such resources for Indian researchers too.

    November 14th 2017