• Introducing #WIISER by IISER Kolkata

    IISER Kolkata has taken a step towards recognition and correction of the gender imbalance that exists within its own walls. A new scicomm effort showcases the women scientists of the institute. Arunita Banerjee, the coordinator of this series, tells us more.

    May 20th 2020

  • Drawing to coax new scientific questions

    Late into her PhD, biologist Ipsa Jain realised that she did not want to spend her life in a lab. Was it okay then to change her mind and embrace visual arts — something which never failed to make her happy?

    March 25th 2020

  • Café Mythbusting: The neuroscience of mental health disorders

    At a café in Kolkata, a gang of PhD dropouts talks about the neuroscience of mental health with their psychiatrist-friend.

    October 28th 2019

  • Behind the scenes with Boby

    Lab technicians might be appreciated in the scientific community but rarely do we stop and listen to their stories. Cyrus Khan speaks to KV Boby, a technician at TIFR Bombay.

    August 20th 2019

  • From teacher to administrator: A founder-principal’s perspective

    The founder-principal of a women’s college in Delhi shares her journey of self-discovery, career choices, and all that went behind starting a college for the applied sciences.

    May 6th 2019