• TeamIndus flies rockets with girl students

    TeamIndus, a private aerospace company organises a ‘girls-only’ outreach event

    July 15th 2018

  • Strength in unexpected places

    Chandrima’s work takes her to remote and isolated locations in the country, and it is in these unlikeliest of places she discovered warmth and support.

    January 21st 2018

  • When being a woman is an advantage

    Ovee Thorat, a Ph.D. student at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, speaks about her experience of interacting with conservative pastrolist communities in Banni Grasslands, Gujarat.

    January 14th 2018

  • Getting your period while on the field

    Came across this great video on thebrainscoop YouTube page on tips to handle menstruation while on the field. While this is great, we definitely need such resources for Indian researchers too.

    November 14th 2017

  • Feeling stupid and doing science go together

    “Science makes you feel stupid (for girls even more )and that’s not only okay, it’s also important,” confesses a scientist in the making….

    October 29th 2017

  • The Research Life – Tips from a Star Seeker

    I am an Astrophysicist and I love what I do. When the going gets tough I always find myself asking if there is anything else I’d rather be doing and I always draw a blank.  That is how I reassure myself in my moments of doubt. This is the path I chose to walk and I shall keep walking till my legs fail me.

    October 5th 2017

  • Women in Indian Science – A Young PhD’s Perspective

    An incident at a toy shop got this young researcher thinking about practical and societal obstacles in the life of girls who want to pursue science as a career.

    September 11th 2017

  • When School Girls Got to Interact with Scientists

    School girls in Chennai got a chance to get their hands dirty with science and talk to women scientists in their natural habitat

    February 20th 2017

  • International Day of Women & Girls in Science

    Looking back

    February 13th 2017