• Explainer: Mental Health Issues Faced by LTQ Women of Science

    Everyone in India faces social stigma when it comes to mental health issues. However, women face a lot more of it due to patriarchal norms, social conditioning, and misogyny built into in the system. Lesbian, trans, and queer women specifically may have to deal with oppression arising from genderism, heteronormativity, and transphobia. Let’s look at […]

    October 5th 2019

  • Being a Lesbian Trans Woman of Science in India

    “Post and during the transition, I have definitely faced much discrimination and bigotry in the academic world,” says A. Mani, a mathematician

    October 3rd 2019

  • STEMming the tide of mental health crises

    Two neuroscientists and a sociologist reflect on mental health experiences of people in science. What is it about the environment in STEM labs that might increase the risk for anxiety and depression?

    October 2nd 2019

  • Two Years in IISc, and Learning to Doubt Everyone & Everything

    From my two years of being in academia, I’ve come to understand that this insecurity has a name, ‘imposter syndrome’, and it does not stop or get any better along the journey.

    September 28th 2019

  • Notes and memories from the Sundarban Delta

    To mark July 26 as International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystems an interdisciplinary researcher shares her heart-wrenching story from the Sundarbans.

    July 30th 2019

  • How teaching an ‘open course’ can open doors

    Finishing a PhD is fulfilling, but also a tense time because of the uncertainties of the future. This young ecologist found her footing thanks to an opportunity to teach an ‘open course’ at a new university.

    July 23rd 2019

  • How happy is the scientific workforce in India?

    Moved by a growing sense of unrest within the academic workforce, and a simultaneous explosion of articles discussing stress in academia in the western world, researcher Laasya Samhita investigates the scenario in India.

    July 9th 2019

  • The case of the unpaid internship

    Shruti Muralidhar pens down the case for paying all interns – in academia and elsewhere.

    June 25th 2019

  • Two Herpetologists Tell Us Why We Need A Week for Turtles

    No major lab, institute or organisation in India currently works dedicatedly on freshwater turtle and tortoise research, so these two independent turtle biologists started a one-of-a-kind citizen science project to fill this lacuna and share their love for these animals.

    May 27th 2019

  • Highlights of my first year as an independent researcher

    While talking about moving back to India and starting an independent lab, this physician-scientist quips, “I am happy to have survived!”

    May 20th 2019