• Amanda’s design makes the invisible visible

    Catching up with Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya on how design and technology can change how people think about and access science

    September 9th 2020

  • Salamanders, crickets and zebrafish: Bittu’s journey in science (and gender)

    An evolutionary neuroscientist and a transman, Bittu R. takes us through his journey in science and the experience of being an activist and a scientist at the same time.

    July 31st 2020

  • Deepti and her mutant fruit flies

    A facility manager by day and an artist by night, Deepti Trivedi has over the years become a critical part of the research community at BLiSC, Bengaluru.

    July 14th 2020

  • Lying on the forest floor, looking for orchids

    On World Environment Day 2020, conservation ecologist Jis Sebastian reminisces about her time in the Western Ghats, studying the fantastically diverse orchids and what climate change has in store for them.

    June 5th 2020

  • Imposter syndrome in academia and how I beat it

    Sabiha opens up about struggling with impostor syndrome during her PhD

    May 30th 2020

  • In the backdrop of COVID19, I defended my PhD

    A recent PhD graduate tells us about her virtual defense during the covid-19 pandemic.

    May 25th 2020

  • Introducing #WIISER by IISER Kolkata

    IISER Kolkata has taken a step towards recognition and correction of the gender imbalance that exists within its own walls. A new scicomm effort showcases the women scientists of the institute. Arunita Banerjee, the coordinator of this series, tells us more.

    May 20th 2020

  • Drawing to coax new scientific questions

    Late into her PhD, biologist Ipsa Jain realised that she did not want to spend her life in a lab. Was it okay then to change her mind and embrace visual arts — something which never failed to make her happy?

    March 25th 2020

  • Living to tell the tale: I quit my PhD as a survival tactic

    The heady excitement of being admitted into a premier research institution built this PhD student for the best few months of her life. But somewhere along the way, things went downhill. Less than two years later, she decided to quit her PhD to give herself a new lease on life.

    October 22nd 2019

  • How one research institute is building a culture where #ItsOkayToTalk

    When a student turned up at the office requesting to see a counsellor, communicator Siuli Mitra and her colleague were baffled. They didn’t know if they had one and if yes, who it was. That experience set the wheels of change rolling for mental health support at this research institute in Faridabad.

    October 15th 2019