• A constant uneasy state: Trans people in STEM in India

    Issues of trans gender, gender non-binary and gender-conforming people in science in India are compounded by the heavily gender-segregated nature of most Indian campuses. When the engagement with sex, gender and sexuality is lesser, the scrutiny is heightened.

    November 9th 2020

  • COVID-19 is exacerbating the gender gap in science

    “The problem is the hit that you take today is going to have consequences for a long time to come.” This, and much more insight from a live discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on women in science in India

    October 6th 2020

  • On mandatory exams and a willfully ignorant court

    The UGC justifies its controversial circular mandating final examinations with the claim that “examinations give confidence and satisfaction to the students”. A survey with 25 university students severely contradicts this and flags some critical issues.

    September 27th 2020

  • Trying to justify my love for science

    An undergraduate student grapples with copious evidence that her passion and determination to do science may not be enough to make it in the tough, inequitable space of academia.

    September 23rd 2020

  • Thanks Bollywood, but where is the science?

    The recent film ‘Shakuntala Devi’ is being appreciated for its portrayal of the protagonist as more than a human computer, but an examination of how women in STEM in India have been portrayed by the media reveals a strange obsession for their personal lives.

    August 16th 2020

  • Zine: Womxn Braving Virus Fears

    The virus kills and takes. And who is on the frontlines? It is womxn.
    This zine (our first!) follows the contributions and struggles of womxn across various domains during this COVID-19 pandemic that we find ourselves embroiled in today.

    July 16th 2020

  • Webinar on ‘The idea and consequences of a Scientific Genius’

    Insights from a discussion with sociologist Gita Chadha and graduate student Shalini Mahadev on the idea of scientific genius.

    July 9th 2020

  • An illustrated story of Indian Rotavirus vaccine

    How the Indian rotavirus vaccine came to be!

    May 6th 2020

  • The Problem With India’s National Science Day

    Why we need to change our ways of celebrating modern science this National Science Day.

    February 28th 2020

  • On mental health in academia: From the editors’ desk

    Our editorial letter on the “Labhopping for Mental Health” series that ran on our blog through October, 2019.

    November 18th 2019