• Tremors from Within – Part III

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’, meet voices from the caste and gender margins who are working to make the Indian science ecosystem a more welcoming space for Dalit and transgender persons.

    February 20th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part II

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of what it means to advocate for women in science in India. This story traverses efforts towards ensuring equitable representation of women in conferences and publications.

    February 15th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part I

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of the (at least) two-decade-old movement for equity in Indian science. Here’s how women and trans persons in science started (and continue to) shake things from within.

    February 11th 2024

  • Ex-IIT-M faculty alleges casteism in special recruitment drive

    The recent resignation of Vipin Veetil from IIT Madras brings to light sophisticated ways of subverting affirmative action in the IITs.

    February 21st 2022

  • The norm of funding delays in Indian science

    A multimedia report featuring real experiences of funding delays faced by India’s scientists. Delays are the norm, and they have devastating effects on science, not to mention scientists themselves.

    January 15th 2022

  • Sexual Harassment in Indian Science

    A panel discussion on sexual harassment in STEM in India brought forward difficult-to-digest realities and valuable perspectives from institutional leaders, researchers, students, activists and lawyers.

    December 31st 2021

  • Do you trust in science? – A Zine

    A zine that asks us to evaluate our relationship with science and scientific discoveries.

    December 2nd 2021

  • NCERT Training

    Letter in support of NCERT’s teacher-training manual on transgender-inclusive school education

    Members of the Indian academic ecosystem rise in support of NCERT’s teacher-training manual on transgender-sensitive school education.

    December 2nd 2021

  • Three women scientists & the evolution of ‘Indian’ science

    Nationalism in science no longer means what it did for the pioneering women of Indian science: E. K. Janaki Ammal, Kamala Bhagvat, and R. Rajalakshmi.

    October 7th 2021

  • A biocluster that never was

    Officials remain tight-lipped as researchers part of (yet another) fanciful governmental scientific pursuit remain in limbo due to funds that never arrived. Is it the end of the road for the Pune BioCluster initiative?

    September 24th 2021