• Monica Explores Life in the Almost Lifeless

    WHO? Dr. Monica Bhatnagar WHAT? Microbiologist WHERE? MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan Reported by Aashima Dogra On a rented bike, I made my way to Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University in Ajmer. The afternoon sun chased me down as I continued on the lonely road through the empty desert spotted only with thorny bushes. Soon after, I […]

    April 18th 2016

  • Kavita, Doing Science Like a Boss

    A chat with environment biotechnologist who invented biosensors for water pollutants in Varanasi and is the only woman director at Benaras Hindu University.

    April 4th 2016

  • Elizabeth and her Eight-legged Friends

    Who? Elizabeth V. Mathew What? Arachnologist Where? Union Christian College, Aluva Reported by Nandita Jayaraj “Tarantulas are beautiful,” said Elizabeth V. Mathew. We were talking about the irrational fear of spiders.  Tarantulas have enough venom to cause necrosis that results in loss of limb in the rare chance one bites you, she conceded, but most […]

    March 28th 2016

  • Natasha and Husnara Save the Mandarins

    Horticulturists attempt to bring back the local agrarian economy and save the legendary Darjeeling Mandarins

    March 21st 2016

  • Nidhi Writes Banaras’s Diarrhoea Diary

    A conversation with a climate change and disease research scholar at Banaras Hindu University

    March 14th 2016

  • Aruna, the Leather Detective

    A conversation with a senior biophysicist at a leather institute in Chennai

    March 7th 2016

  • Finding “Faults” with Kusala Rajendran

    A geophysicist tells us about her adventures with earthquakes and tsunamis

    February 29th 2016