• Sushmita’s second digging for Gujarat’s history

    An archaeologist at MSU, Baroda

    January 25th 2017

  • Nitty-Gritty of the Nation’s Psychology with Urmi

    A social psychologist at MS University in Baroda

    December 20th 2016

  • Nina retells stories of indigenous art

    A filmmaker and ethnographer at IIT, Bombay

    December 6th 2016

  • Rukmani Plans for a Less Hungry India

    A food security economist at MS Swaminathan Research Foundation in Chennai

    November 14th 2016

  • Shilpa on the Research Animators do

    An animator-filmmaker at Industrial Design Center, in IIT Bombay

    September 26th 2016

  • Making Cellular Art with Richa

    WHO? Richa Rikhy, 40 WHAT? Cell Biologist WHERE? Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune Reported by Aashima Dogra Osmosis Jones is a great movie. It is a world where cells are lovable characters that drive protein cars and arteries are the superhighways. Richa Rikhy lives in that world. In fact, as a cell […]

    August 1st 2016

  • Relooking The Nation With Anu Sabhlok

    WHO? Anu Sabhlok, 43 years old WHERE? IISER, Mohali WHAT? Social Scientist Reported by Aashima Dogra At a hacker conference in the shadows of the snowy mountains, in Dharamshala, I met those who not only hack computers but also their own lives. One of them is Anu Sabhlok. Anu followed her son Umang to this conference; […]

    June 6th 2016

  • Hemlata Helps Women Help Themselves

    WHO? Hemlata Manglani WHAT? Economist WHERE? Central University of Rajasthan, Bandar Sindri Reported by Aashima Dogra Cells, electrons or chemical bonds are not on her mind. Hemlata Manglani is a different kind of scientist – she observes the deposits in bank accounts of women in India. Her research question is simple. Despite many government schemes, why […]

    May 23rd 2016