• Universal Lessons from the Life of Joan Birman

    What do an Iranian geometer and an algebraist from New Zealand have in common apart from being Fields Medallists? Their research is linked to Joan Birman, an American mathematician who turned 97 last week.

    June 8th 2024

  • Many Eyes on the Solar Storm

    A conversation with solar astronomer Piyali Chatterjee reveals that there’s a lot more to the ongoing geomagnetic storm than the mesmerising aurorae in the sky.

    May 13th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part III

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’, meet voices from the caste and gender margins who are working to make the Indian science ecosystem a more welcoming space for Dalit and transgender persons.

    February 20th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part II

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of what it means to advocate for women in science in India. This story traverses efforts towards ensuring equitable representation of women in conferences and publications.

    February 15th 2024

  • Tremors from Within – Part I

    In this excerpt from ‘Lab Hopping: Women Scientists in India’: The story of the (at least) two-decade-old movement for equity in Indian science. Here’s how women and trans persons in science started (and continue to) shake things from within.

    February 11th 2024

  • Documentary writes three ‘forgotten’ Indian scientists back into history

    A newly released documentary delves into the life and contributions of Shambhu Nath De, Sipra Guha-Mukherjee and Obaid Siddiqi. We caught up with the director and producer to hear what went on behind the camera.

    May 10th 2022

  • A glimpse into the research culture at CMC Vellore S6, E2 Podcast

    Conversations with bioethicist Anuradha Rose, an expert on infectious diseases Priscilla Rupali, and pathologist Anna Pulimood, who are leading important work at CMC Vellore

    February 17th 2022

  • Indian Women, Transgender and Non-binary Persons in Science 2022-23

    The fifth edition of TLoS’s yearly desktop calendar has been launched. It features 48 Indian women, transgender and non-binary persons working in various fields of science.

    February 11th 2022

  • Fire burning bright: Aparna’s and Amrita’s work in public health

    Amrita Sarkar and Aparna Banerjee set out to demand for transgender-affirmative public-health system in India, and in the process, discovered themselves.

    January 14th 2022

  • Thsib is a featured image for article profiling botanist Noorunia

    In and out of the herbarium with Noorunnisa

    A culture of mentorship sustained Noorunnisa Begum’s grand project, a rare herbarium of medicinal plants in India. Now she takes the same culture forward with her students.

    December 26th 2021