• TLoS Masterclass: Mapping the Terrain of Women in STEM

    Join Aashima and Nandita from the TLoS team in their masterclass where they talk about feminist science journalism and their journey with TLoS.

    July 16th 2020

  • Season 5 is here!

    Catch up with the team in this sneak-peek webinar where we get into the nitty-gritties of what is to come in this Season.

    July 7th 2020

  • Apply to join TLoS as ‘Project Coordinator’

    Join our team as the coordinator! 🙂

    March 17th 2020

  • Our 2020-21 Indian Women-In-Science calendar is here!

    Free Download: 2020-21 Indian Women-In-Science calendar!

    February 11th 2020

  • Support Season 5 of Labhopping!

    Support collective, a feminist science media platform that aims to engage Indian science in public discussion and responsibly report on the intersection of gender and STE(A)M in India.

    February 4th 2020

  • Our first book is out now!

    The book introduces 31 contemporary Indian women scientists, brought to life by artist Upasana Agarwal.

    September 3rd 2019

  • Releasing Women in Science Calendar 2019-2020

    Second edition of the Women in Science calendar is available for free download! Remember the Women in Science calendar from last year? We got a heartening response—it is the most popular page on this site, it was gifted to the President by the incoming Scientific Advisor to the government K VijayRaghavan and the free download […]

    February 11th 2019

  • Join TLoS As Project Co-ordinator is looking for a Project Co-ordinator to join the team. (Paid) (Part-time) Responsibilities of coordinator: Write, edit and publish blogs for the website Coordinate with guest writers: reaching out to contributors and women in science community Foster collaborations: Handle all communication on labhopping email. Manage partnerships, coordinate ongoing and upcoming collaborations Manage social media: […]

    November 26th 2018

  • Reporting Sexual Harassment in Indian Science

    TLoS is sending out a google form for Indian scientific community to responsibly collect, record and report sexual harassment in Indian science. Please share it far and wide!

    October 16th 2018

  • Download our 2018-19 Women in Science calendar for free!

    IMSc and have now decided to release this calendar out into the world for free download and print. Here you go!

    May 5th 2018