• The silver lining

    A young woman in science opens up about going through worsening mental health during her PhD and coming out of it stronger.

    March 8th 2021

  • Looking at mental health through Caste

    Therapeutic techniques work on the assumption that the cause of distress is only within the individual. However, an individual’s mental health is also affected by various forms of systemic discrimination. So for Dalits, therapy involves narrating trauma from one therapist to another, in the hope that they will eventually find a caste-sensitive professional.

    December 17th 2020

  • Why STEM instructors should think about their teaching philosophies

    What makes a good STEM instructor? Manan Bhan argues that the answer lies in their teaching philosophy.

    December 1st 2020

  • Threading together a (very) brief history of genetic research on sexuality

    A twitter thread on the history of genetic research on sexuality for the LGBTQ+ STEM day 2020.

    November 27th 2020

  • Without interventions, COVID-19 will burn the bridge for STEM education

    The recent death by suicide of LSR mathematics student Aishwarya Reddy is a tragic reminder of how STEM careers are not easily afforded. What are some approaches to change that?

    November 25th 2020

  • Argument with faculty over COVID testing camp leads to suspensions

    Questions about freedom of expression at IISER Kolkata have been raised with two students suspended for alleged misbehaviour after they demanded clarifications on the secretive manner in which a testing camp was conducted on campus. One of them has since resigned.

    November 24th 2020

  • Nothing ‘special’ about these needs

    To people with disabilities in India, STEM fields remain largely inaccessible. A glimmer of hope has come in the form of the National Education Policy 2020, but unless some serious gaps are addressed, progress is unlikely.

    November 20th 2020

  • A new woke academia & the museumisation of the Dalit experience

    Two young scholars make sense of their experiences in a casteist academia that places more importance on political correctness than on actual transformation of material everyday hierarchies.

    November 12th 2020

  • A constant uneasy state: Trans people in STEM in India

    Issues of trans gender, gender non-binary and gender-conforming people in science in India are compounded by the heavily gender-segregated nature of most Indian campuses. When the engagement with sex, gender and sexuality is lesser, the scrutiny is heightened.

    November 9th 2020

  • The nebula of #sciart and its explorer-artists

    In the final piece for our mini-series on sciart, Ipsa Jain, our art director, talks to various sciartists about the key issues pertaining to sciart and its growth as a field in the country.

    November 4th 2020