• Prajakta and Her Lab on A Chip

      WHO? Prajakta Dandekar WHAT? Pharmaceutical biotechnologist WHERE? Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai Reported by Nandita Jayaraj I had a bad case of the cramps yesterday. As I usually do when this happens, I reached out for my strip of painkiller tablets and popped one. Within a couple of hours, I was fine again. Now […]

    July 25th 2016

  • Smitha Hegde and Her Indomitable Ferns

    An enlightening chat with of of the foremost pteridologists in the country

    July 11th 2016

  • Annamma Adds Biofuel To the Fire

    WHO? Annamma Anil WHAT? Industrial Microbiologist WHERE? Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai Reported by Nandita Jayaraj Importing fuel is expensive. To ease the load on the economy and on the environment, the Government of India has placed a mandate: it’s compulsory that 5% of diesel and petrol be blended with ethanol biofuel. However, we are […]

    June 27th 2016

  • Maryam Optimizes in Electronics and in Life

    An electrical engineer from Iran works at IIT Bombay today and tells us about her journey.

    June 13th 2016

  • Vidita Vaidya Gets Into Your Head

    WHO? Vidita Vaidya WHAT? Neuroscientist WHERE? Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Reported by Nandita Jayaraj “So Vidita, what is it about a life in science that excites you the most?” “You know that transient moment when you find something that, in that moment, you’re the only one in the world who knows? This feeling […]

    May 30th 2016

  • Radhika Moves with Cancer Cells

    Radhika calls her path to cancer biology unconventional and rather twisted. Find out about this cancer biologist’s journey.

    May 16th 2016

  • Aardra and Gayathri Give Back to the Homeland

    Two biotech entrepreneurs recount their transition from mildly disillusioned college students to founding a company

    May 9th 2016

  • Elizabeth and her Eight-legged Friends

    Elizabeth has travelled all over the country in her search for the seven species of Cyrtophora spiders found in India. The young taxonomist talks about her journey here.

    March 28th 2016

  • Aruna, the Leather Detective

    A conversation with a senior biophysicist at a leather institute in Chennai

    March 7th 2016

  • Finding “Faults” with Kusala Rajendran

    A geophysicist tells us about her adventures with earthquakes and tsunamis

    February 29th 2016