• Report on astronomer Rachana Bhatawdekar wins a recognition

    We’re thrilled to see that SciShortForm’s list of ‘Best Shortform Science Writing: July-December 2020’ features Debdutta Paul’s report titled Rachana’s pursuit of the oldest stars in the universe as an ‘Honorable Mention’. The report describes the unconventional detour that took Rachana Bhatawdekar from an IT job to leading a research group at the European Space […]

    April 7th 2021

  • Looking to science to revive natural building

    With the threats of climate change, waste disposal and a housing crisis facing us, it has never been more crucial to adopt more sustainable ways of living. We talk to a scientist & a practitioner who see natural building as a way forward.

    December 18th 2020

  • Sudipta’s evolution from ‘stone-carrying girl’ to top geologist

    Sudipta Sengupta is by no means a ‘hidden figure’ in Indian science, but she is probably one of the few star scientists left who worked in a state university. In this report, she opens up about the big shifts in the world of geology and in her own life.

    November 17th 2020

  • TLoS featured as a ALD 2020 Women in STEM Organisation!

    Happy Ada Lovelace Day! TheLifeofScience.com has been featured as one of the ALD Online 2020 Women in STEM Organisations!

    October 13th 2020

  • COVID-19 is exacerbating the gender gap in science

    “The problem is the hit that you take today is going to have consequences for a long time to come.” This, and much more insight from a live discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on women in science in India

    October 6th 2020

  • Grace Banu: A Dalit-Trans technologist fights for a better world

    What is it to be Dalit, trans, and still persist in STEM? Grace Banu, a technologist and a fierce activist, talks about the same as she takes us through her life in this comix.

    October 2nd 2020

  • Call for pitches for TLoS Season 5

    Send in your story idea by September 15, 2020, to work with us. We are looking to work with the themes of STEM education or mental health in academia.

    September 8th 2020

  • Hidden No More: Pumza’s Inheritance

    Nandita talks to Pumza Tshebe, director of Scifest Africa, about her journey into science outreach.

    February 18th 2019

  • How Hollywood brought women of S.T.E.A.M together

    One of the labhoppers is back after spending three amazing weeks mingling with some amazing science women from all around the world in a unique exchange programme in the USA.

    December 9th 2018

  • What Will It Take for Science in India to Have Its #MeToo Movement?

    The rigid hierarchies that are fundamental to Indian scientific institutions must be dismantled to keep a check on sexual harassment that are hushed but commonplace.

    November 5th 2018