Ipsa Jain

Art director at The Life of Science
  • Do you trust in science? – A Zine

    A zine that asks us to evaluate our relationship with science and scientific discoveries.

    December 2nd 2021

  • The nebula of #sciart and its explorer-artists

    In the final piece for our mini-series on sciart, Ipsa Jain, our art director, talks to various sciartists about the key issues pertaining to sciart and its growth as a field in the country.

    November 4th 2020

  • Amanda’s design makes the invisible visible

    Catching up with Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya on how design and technology can change how people think about and access science

    September 9th 2020

  • Caroline draws stories of the everyday scientist

    Sci-artist Caroline Hu opens up about what it’s like to be a cartoonist in the science world and a scientist in the art world in this insightful Q&A.

    August 4th 2020

  • Assimilating the art in science

    TLoS art director Ipsa Jain caught up with comix artist Arghya Manna to discuss what makes SciArt distinct from #SciArt, the deeply personal process of creating, and where it stands in India today.

    July 8th 2020

  • Drawing to coax new scientific questions

    Late into her PhD, biologist Ipsa Jain realised that she did not want to spend her life in a lab. Was it okay then to change her mind and embrace visual arts — something which never failed to make her happy?

    March 25th 2020