Debdutta Paul

দেবদত্ত পাল। [he/him/his] An eternal student of science. Writes for the world, writes for himself. Bogged by nightmares — still dares to dream of better times. Living in Climate Emergency, just like everybody else.
  • Tuning into the radio sky with Shilpa

    Shilpa is an observer at the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope near Pune. Her troubleshooting skills have kept India’s eyes into the universe open for many years.

    August 13th 2021

  • Rachana’s pursuit of the oldest stars in the universe

    An unconventional detour took Rachana Bhatawdekar from an IT job to leading a research group at the European Space Agency. We catch up with her about her recent discovery that took astronomers worldwide by surprise, and much more.

    August 20th 2020