Coming soon: Indian women, transgender and non-binary persons in science calendar 2022

Our 2022 calendar featuring 50+ Indian women, transgender and non-binary persons in science
By | Published on Dec 20, 2021

It is that time of the year when we work on our most-awaited project of the year — our annual calendar! This year, the LabHopping calendar 2022 features 50+ Indian women, transgender and non-binary persons who have been contributing to the Indian science ecosystem in more ways than one.  Some have fought long-drawn public health battles, some have helped us understand how we create and process music, some have charted out the path for us to live harmoniously with other beings on the planet, some have helped us understand lacks in science and science practice — the list is really endless!We are also offering a calendar/planner that you can use to plan your days on!

Can’t wait to check it out? We can’t either!



More details on the calendar with bios of all people featured will be revealed on February 11 (the International Day of Women and Girls in Science) as is our customary tradition.

Check out this space for more! By getting a calendar or a calendar/planner you will supporting activities on for the next year that aim to investigate the gaps in Indian science, host a cultural dialogue with the indian science community and promote diversity and equity in Indian academia. Thanks for the support, youu!

Have a great 2022!

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