Do you trust in science? – A Zine

A zine that asks us to evaluate our relationship with science and scientific discoveries.
By | Published on Dec 2, 2021

Science is considered one of the most reliable knowledge-production processes. However, there is a gap between science as scientific discoveries are discussed among the scientific community, and how these discoveries are translated to others, especially those who are not directly involved in science research.

In this participatory zine, we invite you to think about your trust/mistrust in science. We hope you will look at where the scientific method and scientists have succeeded (and/or failed) you and your community. We believe that understanding our reasons to trust and mistrust science will bring us closer to sifting (our) ‘truths’ from ‘untruths’.

You can download the Zine here. Please share your responses with us at labhopping[at]

Note: This plugin is best accessed on a large screen. Season 6 is supported by contributors to our crowdfunding campaign, STEMpeers, and also by a grant from the Thakur Family Foundation. Thakur Family Foundation has not exercised any editorial control over the contents of this Zine.


About the author(s)
Ipsa Jain

Art director at The Life of Science

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