Why is no one talking about menopause? S6, E1 Podcast

Gynaecologist Shaibya Saldanha in conversation with menopause researcher Aishwarya Viswamitra about the importance of menopause counselling in the medical system.
menopause interview
By | Published on Nov 19, 2021

Though menopause is a life process that happens to nearly half of the global population, awareness and support for those going through it is slim. During a study conducted on lived menopause experiences in India by menopause researcher Aishwarya Viswamitra, gaps in menopause health infrastructure were brought to the fore. This podcast episode features a recent conversation between Bangalore based gynaecologist Shaibya Saldanha and Aishwarya during which the gender biases of India’s medical system, rise in unwarranted hysterectomies and need for menopause counselling were discussed.

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Acknowledgements: This podcast was produced by  Aishwarya Viswamitra and the featured image was illustrated by Season 6 artist Ayesha Punjabi. A transcript of this podcast is available here. TheLifeofScience.com Season 6 is supported by contributors to our crowdfunding campaign, STEMpeers, and also by a grant from the Thakur Family Foundation. Thakur Family Foundation has not exercised any editorial control over the contents of this reportage.

About the author(s)
Aishwarya Viswamitra
Aishwarya Viswamitra

Aishwarya is a postgraduate researcher studying menopause experiences in India. Along with her research, she has been an avid science communicator. She handled TLoS's social media and web editing.