Grace Banu: A Dalit-Trans technologist fights for a better world

What is it to be Dalit, trans, and still persist in STEM? Grace Banu, a technologist and a fierce activist, talks about the same as she takes us through her life in this comix.

By Sayantan Datta and Siddhesh Gautam

It’s vital to realise that the narrative of gender-based discrimination in the sciences has been limited to cis-women in science. This post is part of a series of posts (we call this the ‘transgender persons in science mini-series’) that hopes to dismantle the invisibilisation that transgender persons in science go through.

The second in the series features Grace Banu, a Dalit and transgender technologist. The conversation between Grace and’s Sayantan Datta is brought to life by Siddhesh Gautam’s illustrations.

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