On to the next dimension with Urbasi. S5. Ep1 Podcast

On our first episode of our 'womxn in physics' podcast series, Aashima talks to quantum technology scientist Urbasi Sinha from Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore.
By | Published on Jul 24, 2020


Earlier this year in February I met Urbasi Sinha, a quantum information physicist in her office in Bengaluru, which is situated one level above the ground station her team of quantum physicists are building for QUEST – Quantum Experiments using Satellite Technology (QuEST).  She was recently promoted to the position of full Professor at Raman Research Institute and her field has been recognised as a thrust area of R&D for the country this year, so there’s much to celebrate. She is an up and coming figure in Indian physics some say, but the truth is she has already arrived and is way ahead of her time.

Here’s the link to the explainer Urbasi mentions on this podcasts, on higher dimensional qubits called ‘Qutrits’ that she was invited to write on Scientific Amercian magazine.  (can be accessed freely on some sites)

She is also featured as a Trailblazing Asian Scientist here.

Click the play button below to hear my conversation with her about starting out in science, where quantum technology is going and the issues of womxn in physics in India she feels are important to cover.


Note: This podcast has been produced by Josh Thomas. This piece is a part of Season 5 of TheLifeofScience.com sponsored by a grant from DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance. Featured image created by Ipsa Jain, with the help of photograph from Urbasi.

A transcript of this podcast can be accessed here. We would like to thank Shalini Mahadev for transcribing the podcasts.

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Aashima is a freelance science communicator, author and editor. She co-founded thelifeofscience.com in 2016.

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