TLoS Masterclass: Mapping the Terrain of Women in STEM

Join Aashima and Nandita from the TLoS team in their masterclass where they talk about feminist science journalism and their journey with TLoS.
By and | Published on Jul 16, 2020

We conducted a masterclass titled ‘Mapping the Terrain’ as part of India Culture Lab’s virtual event, ‘Mission Possible: Conversations on the Breakthroughs of Indian Women in STEM’ on 17 July, 7pm IST. In case you missed the live webinar, you can catch up with the recorded video that we are linking to at the end of this post.


You can download the full schedule here. The series also has two more events coming up – all will be streamed on India Culture Lab’s Youtube channel.


This evening brings to you a discussion on feminist scientific practice, and the role of gender in research. It includes mathematician A Mani, human geographer Ramya K Tella, urogynecologist Dr. Aparna Hegde, mathematician Geetha Venkataraman and it will be moderated by sociologist and feminist Gita Chadha.


Our last event in the Mission Possible series brings to you the intersections between STEM and art. Musician-activist Vidya Shah will tell us the story of Indian women in STEM through the agesThis will be told through a performance. Afrah Shafiq will take us through her digital project St.itch which is a multimedia patchwork that explores women’s enduring and invisible labour and its relation to artificial intelligence and machine technology.

Aashima and Nandita’s masterclass can be viewed below:

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