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By | Published on Mar 17, 2020 is looking for a Project Coordinator to join the team ahead of Season 5. This is a paid, part-time position. Send in your applications by April 30, 2020.

Job description: The project coordinator will hold the ship together for science media collective during the course of our fifth season (end of 2020).

This will include:

  1. Coordinating Content Creation: Commissioning and overall coordination to create Season 5 multimedia on with contributors, artists and editors.
  2. Copy Writing & Editing: We encourage our coordinators to develop their science writing skills during this stint
  3. Goal oriented workflow: Coordinate virtual meetings and correspondence with members and collaborators of the science media collective
  4. Managing public engagement: Via social media, newsletters and email.
  5. Others: Share workload involved in keeping our network engaged including sending crowdfunding rewards and doing the occasional paperwork.


  • Have a good sense of’s ethos and familiar with the content we have been producing. We are happy to answer any questions about this during the interview.
  • Good media and communication skills gained over meaningful experiences are a must.
  • Since we are a remote team with members spread all over the country (and possibly, world), we must be mindful of other’s working styles and times. This means we need to be flexible and prompt with communication.
  • The coordinator needs to be good at documentation: All activities, tasks and meetings need to be documented and shared with the team.
  • Have a high level of sensitivity in matters of equity, intersectional feminism. You don’t have to know the words for it, but be willing to learn, like all of us.
  • Open to giving and receiving feedback to/from team members and the public.
  • Be available to work with TLoS from June to November 2020.

We encourage applications from young people representing minorities of caste, gender, ability and geography .

Bonus points if:

  • We are a multimedia platform, so we welcome those of you who have experience with audio, tech and visuals.
  • Let us know in your application if you are proficient in any Indian language other than English, and are capable of developing/editing content in this medium.

Other particulars:

  • Location: TLoS works online, so as long as you have good internet you can work from anywhere. We encourage physical meet-ups whenever possible, and there will be a weekly virtual team meets.
  • Volume: Since each of us have a unique working style and we don’t expect our coordinators to ‘clock in’, this is largely trust-based. For the sake of being descriptive, we expect that there will be on average about 8 to 10 hours of work a week. We like our Sundays to be free of official communication and encourage all to make the most of this off day. Trust us, freelancers need it!
  • Pay: Coordinator stipend is Rs 15,000 per month, which is supported by our crowdfunding campaigns. Typically, this is augmented by any extra projects/gigs the collective takes up, or grants that come our way.
  • Duration: The first month (May/June 2020) will be a trial month to make sure that all is good. Of course you will be paid for the month. If all goes well, we’ll sign you up for the whole 6-month coordinatorship – this will span the duration of Season 5 and possibly extend up to our Women in Science calendar 2021 production. Depending on how this experience goes (and if you’re up for it!) we can talk about the future. We typically retain long and lasting relationships with our coordinators. One of them remains with TLoS as a core team member. Three others have gone on to pursue full-time scicomm roles.
  • Deadline for sending in applications: 30th April 2020. (extended now!)

NOTE: We are extending this deadline to the 30th April 2020. The selected coordinator starts in the second week of May.

How to apply

Send us an introduction email on labhoppingATgmail with the following attachments:

  1. Resume
  2. A document with the answers to these 4 questions (max 200 words each): Why do you want to join TLoS? Why do you think we need to discuss the gender gap in science when it is a problem in other fields too? Do you have any ideas for what kind of projects/stories TLoS can take up in the future (make a pitch)? What other activities are you involved in and are likely to be involved in in 2020?
  3. Samples to demonstrate relevant experience.

Good luck!

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TLoS Team or TLoS is a feminist science media collective based in India

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