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By | Published on Feb 4, 2020

Dear readers

Next month marks the beginning of Year 5 of project and soon it will be followed by our fifth season. While the project is slowly growing to become the science media collective that we envisioned it to be, we are still struggling to keep financially afloat. It’s a tough life for freelancers and independent outfits in India and we’re determined to not perpetuate the toxic culture of free work. This year we want to make sure that all our members get paid for the work they do. So once again we turn to our loyal readers and supporters of science communication and equality with a request for support.

This time, we have picked BackYourScience, a new crowdfunding web platform for the community to fund viable research projects or projects with scientific value. You can read more about them here.

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The TLoS collective aims to bring real experiences of minorities in Indian science to life through science storytelling and journalism. We tell stories set in the unique cultural, political and historical context of India. As initiators of discourse on gender issues in science & research in the Indian context, we hope to carry forward the discussions of science and society with our fifth season! A season you can make possible by contributing to our brand new crowdfunding campaign.

Our 2019-20 desk calendar

Our team is developing familiar sources of information – books, articles, multimedia, comics and as an annual ritual – the TLoS Indian women-in-science calendar.

With Season 5, we hope to focus on the intersection of feminism and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Medicine) research! So for those interested in getting to know icons of contemporary Indian science and sci-art, lots of great stuff is coming up! This includes a new book where Aashima and Nandita will explore the stories behind the gender gap in Indian science, workshops, and many many collaborative projects.

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How do we intend on using the funds raised?

A sneak peek to our rewards

We will use the funds to produce new multimedia content for our season 5, whilst ensuring that everyone involved can be compensated for their efforts. We want to continue and build on our history of being a platform that hosts and nurture a new generation of science media makers throughout the Indian subcontinent through collaborative projects.
Your contribution goes to providing an honorarium to our guest contributor and our coordination and content development team.
You can also become our ‘patron’ through our Patreon campaign for a longer-term engagement with us.

Are there rewards?

Yes! All contributors to our BackYourScience campaign get a soft copy of our 2020 Indian Women in Science calendar. In addition:

1,000-2999 INR: We send you one lovely postcard thanking you for the contribution.

3,000-4,999 INR: Watch your postbox! You will receive a set of Indian-Women-In-Science postcards from our collection!

5,000-9,999 INR: We send you a hard copy of our Indian-Women-In-Science 2020-2021 desk calendar!

10,000-14,999 INR: We send you our Women-In-Science 2020-2021 calendar and our entire Women-in-Science postcard deck!

15,000 INR and above: We send you our Indian-Women-In-Science 2020-2021 calendar, our entire delightful postcard deck and a copy of our 1st book!

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Why do we write about these issues?

Women in STEM are a minority, in some fields, more than others. The systemic and sociopolitical barriers to capable women in society remain unacknowledged. There is an urgent need for discussion of historical exclusion of trans, non-binary people from knowledge-making systems in the subcontinent, which has been the realm largely dominated by ‘higher’ castes. Today, the number of people from minorities in leadership roles are even fewer. We hope that our efforts create role models for the future and a more diverse, inclusive, empathetic and equitable, research culture and scientific environment in India.

We forge a new path, but we do not forge it alone. With your support, it will be possible to journey further.

With strength and courage,
Team TLoS

Note: Our BackYourScience Season 5 campaign accepts donations only through Indian banks. If you want to support us but do not possess an Indian card, please pledge a monthly amount to our Patreon page. We’re trying our best to make this easy for you, but write to us on social media or at if you face any hiccups 🙂

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