We asked students about their women role models in science – Watch video!

We asked some students and teachers about their women rolemodels in science.

Picture: Scientists featured in our 2019-20 calendar.

By CM Manasvi

On National Science Day (February 28) this year, we’d visited a research institute in Bengaluru, sometimes referred to as the science capital of India. We explored the bustling grounds and corridors and posed a challenge to the students, and later some teachers, that we encountered: Which women scientist do you look up to? Watch the video below to see some responses.

The students were from varying backgrounds of science—physics, chemistry, biology, nursing, physiotherapy and radiology—and yet, many of them gave the same answer: Madame Marie Curie.

While Madame Curie has made tremendous contributions to science and has inspired generations of aspiring scientists, there are plenty other female scientists, especially in India, worthy of recognition. If you’re a student of science, they might be right in front of you! If you’re still having trouble, scroll through TheLifeofScience.com. Have we missed someone? Join us and help get their story out. Write to labhopping@gmail.com.


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