Join TLoS As Project Co-ordinator is looking for a Project Co-ordinator to join the team. (Paid) (Part-time)
By | Published on Nov 26, 2018 is looking for a Project Co-ordinator to join the team. (Paid) (Part-time)

Responsibilities of coordinator:

  1. Write, edit and publish blogs for the website
  2. Coordinate with guest writers: reaching out to contributors and women in science community
  3. Foster collaborations: Handle all communication on labhopping email. Manage partnerships, coordinate ongoing and upcoming collaborations
  4. Manage social media: Everyday posts and interaction on Twitter, FB and Instagram
  5. Provide research assistance for upcoming TLoS books
  6. Coordinate fundraising tasks as well as incoming and outgoing invoices

This person should:

  • Have some experience editing, writing, and good language & communication skills
  • Be interested in Indian science, nuances of gender issues and science communication
  • Be familiar with
  • Be very prompt in communication
  • Be open to a good degree of flexibility
  • Be prepared to work with us until July 2019

Other notes:

  • Location: TLoS works online, so as long as you have good internet you can work from anywhere.
  • Volume: Expect an average of 4 hours of work on weekdays with weekly meetings. Note that some parts of the job, eg social media, may require an constant eye.
  • Compensation: We can pay the selected candidate up to Rs 10,000 per month in the first 2 months provided all the given responsibilities are suitably fulfilled. We are working on increasing this amount.
  • Deadline for sending in applications: 30th Nov 2018

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TLoS Team or TLoS is a feminist science media collective based in India

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