Download our 2018-19 Women in Science calendar for free!

IMSc and have now decided to release this calendar out into the world for free download and print. Here you go!
By | Published on May 5, 2018

The story

Back in February, Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai partnered with for the second year in a row to do a little something special for International Day for Girls and Women in Science. Last week, Varuni and Jam, our dear friends at IMSc had invited us to their campus for a day-long event full of sciencey goodness for school girls in Chennai. We wrote about it here.

This year, the celebrations coincided with IMSc’s annual Science at the Sabha event. Apart from the usual public talks by some of the most interesting scientists of the country, Varuni approached us with a fantastic idea: a women in science exhibition at the venue! And of course we jumped at the opportunity. We had one month to choose 13 scientists to feature, prepare content for the posters, design the layouts and print them out for the exhibition. Needless to say, it was a pretty frantic month for all of us involved! In the end, it was totally worth it.

Young visitors engrossed in our women in science posters (Source: IMSc)

The poster exhibition was a hit and the following month Chennai Mathematical Institute borrowed the posters for a week-long exhibition at their campus. We look forward to many more such showcases in the near future!

Varuni also had the idea to produce the posters in a calendar format to give away as souvenirs after Science at the Sabha. In addition, decided to give more copies of this special ‘Indian Women in Science Calendar’ as rewards during our crowdfunding campaign. Word got around and pretty soon these calendars were everywhere! Including the President of India Ram Nath Kovind who was gifted one by the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India Prof K VijayRaghavan.

Click here for the download link!

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TLoS Team or TLoS is a feminist science media collective based in India

3 responses to "Download our 2018-19 Women in Science calendar for free!"

    Padmini Thirumalaii says:

    Where could we buy the awesome Calendar?
    I would love to have a hard copy

    tlos says:

    Hi Padmini! Glad you liked the calendar. We are only shipping hard copies as rewards to eligible contributors to our crowdfunding campaign – you can check it out here
    However, the purpose of making the hi-res version linked above free to download was to enable anyone to take the file to a printer shop and get copies printed themselves. Hope one of the above options is accessible to you.

    Bindu Nair says:

    Loved the updates and congratulations on the new calendar. Great going, Life of Science

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