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NeuroFemIndia 2021's 'Alba Network Session on Bias in Indian STEM' took place on April 10.  It featured a conversation between Shubha Tole, Bittu K, Grace Banu, Shambhavi Naik and Farah Ishtiaq.
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Please fill in this survey for assessing the experiences/challenges faced by the Indian science community, with specific focus on gender issues. Deadline: April 15, 2021.
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A roundtable discussion on 'Intersectionality and Privilege in science practice in India' co-organised by and 500 Women Scientists (Bengaluru Chapter) took place on occasion of International Women's Day.
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The Kamala Sohonie Session on Gender Equity featured Gita Chadha, Nandita Jayaraj, Suchitha Champak and Maya Saran. It was co-organised by Biologically Speaking and BiasWatchIndia as part of the "Her Story of Science: celebrating women in research" conference.
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