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TLoS team member Sayantan Datta moderates a panel titled "Queers who STEM" at PrideEdSummit 2021
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Check out Notes on the Academy's powerful piece on students' deaths by suicide over the last year and the institutional response to these unfortunate deaths
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Chayanika Shah delivers the 12th Anna Mani Lecture on "Unpacking gender to understand the gendered culture of science: A queer feminist take"
Watch here 
TLoS team member Aishwarya Viswamitra compiled a very interesting Twitter thread on the experiences of menopausal women.
Check out the thread here  
We are working with a freelance reporter to understand how ex- or current IIT students perceive the quality of education at IITs. Please help us by sharing this form far and wide.
Check out the form here  
Aashima Friedog from the TLoS team talks in a panel discussion about strengthening the SciComm ecosystem in India, organised by our friends at SciRio.
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Nandita Jayaraj from the TLoS team spoke in a panel discussion at Krea University titled "Battling Exclusions in STEMM+"
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