Get involved!

There are many things we need help with! We can’t pay just yet because lack of funding – we are working on it so this should change soon enough. So if you believe in the project and identify with our goal of ‘science for everyone’ and ‘gender equality’, feel free to contribute. Due credit will be given and celebrated, of course.

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We want to make our stories as accessible as possible so that they can reach everyone! We need help translating them into all Indian regional languages. And then getting in touch with local newspapers that could publish these wonderfully true stories that talk about success and struggle of Indian women.
Not everyone likes to read long articles and some can’t (like kids). We want to send our stories into the world as comics and illustrations. Let us know if you want to take one of our stories and make a comic, illustrate a complicated science-y part or make a video!
We are no photographers. As of now, we take most of the photographs ourselves or the scientist send us very unprofessional pictures from their albums. If you’re good with photo editing and can think of fun ways to bring the photos alive, you’re exactly what TLoS needs.




We’re always looking for new labs to visit and young women who help keep them going. Do you know an interesting scientist we could feature? Nominate her with these details: name of nominee, field of study, institute and town/city, email ID of nominee,  relation to you. We need most help finding women doing science in small towns.

We desperately need funds so that we can continue to do this. If you or your organisation would like to give us some money, please do not hesitate to get in touch immediately. You can also help us start a crowdfunding campaign.