What is TLoS?

Blog IllustrationsmallWe worked together at a science magazine and talked often about rigid notions that hold back science. One of them is the popular image of the scientist as a bearded man in a dusty laboratory shaking test tubes. Both of us also want to help hasten gender equality in India.
Who are these women doing science in India? What kind of work are they doing? What are their stories? Are there challenges?
The Life of Science is a diary of experiences that the two of us are logging as we hop across laboratories in India, meeting scientists and talking to them about life and science. The blog is being independently run by the two of us (excuse us for any design mediocrity), with occasional contributions by helpful friends and people we meet along our travels.  Bear hugs to Pooja Prabhakaran for letting us use her illustration!
The blog will be updated every Monday.
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13 thoughts on “What is TLoS?

  1. Hi Nandita,

    Congrats for having the courage to break the mould, Our best wishes to you and your friend Aneesha on your blog. Let your journey bring more awareness to the readers on the happenings in Science front brought in by the young Indian Scientists. ( female or male!!!)


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  2. This is wonderful. I know that there are plenty of women in the STEM fields in India. As an engineer I work with them.
    So, I am excited to hear (read) and share their (your) stories and share them.
    Good work. Keep it up.
    All the best.


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