We won a Laadli Award!

We are SO HAPPY to inform you that The Life of Science is one of the recipients of a Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity. We won a Jury Appreciation certificate in the “Web | English” category at the 2015-16 (Southern Region) awards. The award ceremony was on the 10th of April in Hyderabad and it was pretty amazing to be part of such a brave and dedicated crowd.

Our award


When we started TLoS, we had no grand expectations. We knew that science communication was our strength and we wanted to participate in the emerging movement to make Indian research more accessible and engaging to the Indian public. We decided we could not do it without acknowledging biases that remain rooted in the system and focusing on women, we thought, could be one way to begin to rectify the imbalance. Thanks to the support of our readers and our friends at The Wire as well as other media that have helped spread word of our project, we have been able to sustain ourselves for a year.

The success of our crowdfunding campaign gave us a big push forward and the reports we have been publishing since mid-January are a result of the travelling that our contributors funded. We have many many more interviews waiting impatiently on our recorders to be transcribed and transformed into more reports that we hope you will enjoy reading.

Apart from the written reports, we also have some fun collaborations underway that we think will make our content more fun and accessible. Some generous supporters are also volunteering to translate our content into more Indian languages so that we can reach out to many many more people. We will have more concrete updates for you as we go along.

Happy reading!


Posing with our prize after the function. From L-R: Aashima (who was physically at her new temporary home in Austria but spiritually with us), Nandita & Vishwam Shankar  



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