The Labhoppers Have a Request For You


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Thank you for visiting The Life of Science. For 31 weeks we’ve been journeying across India, visiting labs, homes and colleges in search of women scientists. This is an attempt to figure out why the attrition rate of women in science in India is so high. We’ve talked about this in detail in this article we wrote for the Economic and Political Weekly here.

The response to our reports has been tremendous. We were encouraged to find out we are only two of many many people here who are concerned by this invisibility of women scientists. Dozens of nominations have poured in – from male and female scientists and even from students who have nominated professors that have influenced them. To be able to reach all these places and tell the stories of all these women and more, we’ve begun a crowdfunding campaign here.

So please spread the word and contribute if you can and you believe this project is worth continuing. Here’s Vidita Vaidya, neuroscientist and Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize winner (whose lab is one of those we’ve hopped into) telling you why she thinks it is.

Lots of Love,

The Labhoppers – Nandita and Aashima


3 thoughts on “The Labhoppers Have a Request For You

  1. Good initiative. Keep going. Let the world be informed of the women scientists in India – their contributions to science, their commitments, their sacrifices.


  2. Namasthe!

    Myself Vivek Kannadi from Science Media Centre, IISER Pune.
    Very happy to read inspiring interview from your The Life of Science webpage.

    If you are interested in producing videos of the interviewees, we can support you by video recording, making graphics and editing.

    Vivek Kannadi
    STO, SMC, IISER Pune.


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